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Felicity Smoak frequently got nervous, which led to sweating, which in turn led to her feeling really gross. It was always an inconvenience, but never more so when she was on a date, even one which was supposed to be a no pressure situation like this one. Normally this helped with Felicity’s anxieties, and it was so nice to just hang out with Sara like when they were just friends with the added bonus of cuddling and make out sessions. It didn’t hurt that it was a cheap alternative to restaurant meals as neither one of them was making that much money, although Sara promised they would still have a few ‘proper’ dates in the near future. Not for their third date though, as Felicity had been so happy to spend that in front of the TV. They even didn’t have sex to prove their relationship wasn’t just about that, which was a nice thought but Felicity definitely liked the fact that they were still in their honeymoon phase. However while this was their fourth date, and therefore should be less stressful, and Felicity was resting in Sara’s arms, a. Because she had a question to ask Sara, and it would be something which would be a big deal in any relationship, let alone Felicity’s first relationship with another woman.

The Week in Arrow Fanfiction

Most of these are pretty long so enjoy. But the situation brings to light some long ignored concerns and feelings between Oliver and Felicity. After all, Team Arrow goes out for dinner from time to time.

Felicity and Oliver are going on their first date or are they? Did Felicity misunderstand Oliver’s intentions? Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance -.

It follows canon but would be before the latest episode, so the club hasn’t opened yet. I think I remembered Felicity’s show canon history correctly the parts we’ve learned so far but I haven’t really had the time to watch episodes more than once. If I messed up any of my facts, let me know. This is my first time writing for these characters, so feedback would be appreciated. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity are likely the only characters I will write for.

I like Tommy, but I find Laurel very irritating — neither her storyline nor the actress portraying her is very good. I like the way that Felicity seems to amuse Oliver, and that’s the angle I went for here.

Oliver and Felicity Moments

Unexpected appearances threaten to destroy everything they have. Actually, pretty much every chapter will make you want to keep reading. I read this story all at once, not gonna lie. Who needs sleep, right!? Not only that, but Oliver and Felicity are beautifully written younger versions of themselves.

Oliver is so jealous of Dean, Diggle has to stop Oliver from exposing himself to a room full of people to kill Felicity’s date. Not as much.

I’m really sorry. Felicity held the phone until Oliver ended the call. She was ready. She was dressed up in a gorgeous long blue dress. Her hair was down and she was excited because Oliver asked her to the gala not as his EA, but as a proper date. It took her ages to understand what he meant but thinking about it now maybe she made a mistake. Maybe Oliver just asked her as a friend.

She knew John couldn’t drive her to the gala as he was with Oliver but you would think he would ask Roy and Thea to pick her up.

Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak

I’m just a girl This is a multi-fandom blog interspersed with self-help quotes and sexy times. I talk a lot and I write a lot of fanfiction. I do accept prompts, but I cannot guarantee quick turnaround.

Anyone else ever wonder what Oliver’s face would look like if he saw Felicity in As far as he was concerned what they had was far past dating but she’d given.

Im looking for this fanfic that I read ages ago! I remember that Tommy and Felicity were good friends, and tommy was about to marry Laurel and Nyssa and Sara were dating… and Oliver comes back… IDK I am dying to read this fanfic again.. Please help! Oliver and Felicity were dating before he joined the army and was killed. And I think they were on an island. Thanks by hotchnisscm The Long Way Home.

Need help finding a fic

So… I’m sort of still in shock at the more than visitors to my first story. Some people from as far as Qatar and Estonia, which is just mind boggling! I got three reviews on the last one and am so honored anyone ever stopped to click. I had this next story in my head too and decided to bang it out and see if anyone liked.

Heart of a Girl – calliope Oliver and Felicity travel to Gotham for an routine Tell Me a Story – anthfan When Felicity needs a date to her cousin’s wedding.

Flarrow Fic. The night of Oliver’s bachelor party, Oliver and Barry encounter some kind of magic that causes them to swap bodies. Felicity is an amateur and struggling trapeze performer in Vegas. Slowly but surely, her new partner Oliver teaches her how to overcome her fears, both on and off the stage. True Love’s Kiss Part 2. After several months trapped in the League, Oliver finally comes back to Felicity. Oliver Queen arrives from a future, parallel universe with a single purpose: to get back the Felicity he lost.

Even if that means taking her from himself in this world. Alternate Oliver and his life hold more surprises than even Felicity can imagine. Can she ever return home to her Oliver and team? Will she still want to? Felicity assists her captor, Bratva Captain Oliver. But something shifts between them as she tends his wounds.

‘Arrow’ and Olicity: Your favorite fan fictions of 2018

Happy Friday! So this is my attempt to both thank awesome fanfic writers for their amazing work and offer my recommendations to anyone who is interested. Here are the fantastic fanfic stories I read this week! They are posted in the order I read them. Oliver Queen is back and determined to save his city. While the Hood sets off to take down evil and crime, Oliver Queen finds himself drawn to her.

olicity prompt: Oliver and Felicity have been dating in secret, but something significant (bad or good) happens that makes Oliver stop caring about secrecy, so he.

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Oliver Queen is an internationally renowned polo player. His life goes downhill when he sustains serious injuries and vision loss after a bad accident. For a time the only light in his darkness is Felicity Smoak. But she is on the crest of a successful career and is not sure she can be with anyone before achieving certain personal goals, even someone she could really care about. This is a ramble through the romance and drama of their lives whilst getting to know each other.

The setting is Oliver’s family estate where Felicity is doing an internship as an Equine Rehab and Therapy student. Felicity and the rest of Team Arrow banded together; they refused to be broken. Their friendships kept them together and they will continue to do so, even when China White comes back to town to rain havoc down on everyone. This is an AU story of Team Arrow dealing with the aftermath of season two focusing on female friendships and family. Movie nights, dinners, vacations, missions and foundry baby talks in all their galore mixed in with some olicity drama and plot.

It’s Always Been You (2/6, Olicity AU, T)

No need to watch CM to understand anything. Seriously check out meekobb , Buggy , and meekobuggy , where they post the stories that they write together, you just might find a great story in a fandom you love. In fact the last time any of us got a text from A was the night before the joint task force of the Rosewood Police, Pennsylvania State Police, and the FBI arrested Allison with proof that she ordered Mona to be killed, among other things.

As it turns out the Rosewood Police were capable of solving crimes involving Allison and A only after they started outsourcing their forensics and lab samples. They finally realized that there was a leak somewhere within their department.

Arrow fanfiction oliver and felicity secretly dating – Rich man looking for older woman & younger woman. I’m laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for​.

Arrow has never had a love triangle featuring Felicity, Oliver and Laurel. However, Oliver’s relationships with those two women were inarguably the most important romantic ones of his life. When the series started, everyone thought it would follow the comics which meant Oliver and Laurel would eventually end up together. However, a messy backstory and lack of chemistry made that difficult.

Enter Felicity Smoak. Emily Bett Rickards was only supposed to be in one episode, but all it took was one scene with Stephen Amell for everyone to see the chemistry there. She became a recurring character and then series regular. The series wrote towards that chemistry and away from its original plan, and it was better for it.

That’s not to say there wasn’t unnecessary drama, but nothing as bad as cheating with her sister. They didn’t write anything that couldn’t be fixed.

The Crow – Fanfiction Trailer ( Olicity AU )

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